How to choose a bed?

How to choose a bed, which will not cause pain in your spine?
It may seem unbelievable, but beds in contemporary meaning of this word were invented in XV century. It is important to have a comfortable bed, because everyday mood and health depends on how a person sleeps. So it is crucial to know how to choose a bed.
The carcass of today’s bed is mainly made of wood or metal, sometimes these two components are combined. Beds made of wood are usually the and the most qualitative. The most firm and wearproof are beds made of pine and hardwood. The construction of a usual bed consists of a backrest, side panel, carcass and legs of the bed. Designers love the backrest of the bed, because by changing the backrest they can give the bed a special and fashionable look. Sometimes people prefer folding beds, as free space in the room is important. There are a lot of different folding beds with different mechanisms of unfolding. The important thing to remember is to try to fold and unfold the bed in the store. If the mechanism does not require force and do not scratch, then it is ok.

Another important element of the bed is the mattress. Of course there will be a standard mattress with the bed; however it would be better to get a separate mattress. It is though those hard mattresses are good for health. But it is wrong. Mattress must not be too soft, as it will cause pain in your spine. Too hard mattresses also may harm your health. To choose a proper mattress, try to lie down and if you feel that your weight is allocated evenly, then this mattress is for you.

This is the most important you need to get a good bed. The rest only depends on the sum you are ready to spend on this piece of furniture.